96.1BBB Free Ride

Nothing can be done about stop and go traffic, but something can be done about stop and go music!

The 96.1 BBB Free Ride - Weekdays at 8:30am.

Your Music. No Interruptions!

Listen each weekday starting at 8:30am for the Free Ride - and be sure to keep track of how long it lasts!

When the Free Ride ends, listen for the cue to call. Dial 919-860-9600 and correctly identify the length of the Free Ride to win the prize of the week! 

Winners who are also registered on 961bbb.com will also have the chance to win a bonus prize!

Existing Club Members - If you are already a member, and would like to receive daily listening e-mail reminders, CLICK HERE and update your subscription settings.

Contest Ends: 11/13/2017 12:00 AM ET